About Us

We are a molecular diagnostics company working to enable real time precision diagnostics for everyone.

At BioCeryx, our mission is to liberate precision medicine by leveraging our innovative Sentinel platform to deliver advanced clinical genomic information to physicians and patients everywhere.

In Greek mythology, Ceryx, the son of Hermes, came to be know in ancient Greece as the highly trusted profession of the ‘inviolable messengers’ - those entrusted to carry to most sensitive and valuable information between governments, councils and courts.

We believe that increased access to information is essential for patients to benefit from the advances in genomic medicine. Accessibility means that clinical information is available where and when it’s most impactful. In other words: having the right answer for the right test at the right time.

Today, many precision medicine diagnostic and screening tests are constrained to a small number of centralized labs capable of performing highly complex molecular workflows.  The high cost of the tests and long lead time for results can limit their use and utility.

1940s – 1970s The stanford research institute is established and leads groundbreaking innovation

Among many others, some of the most salient innovations in this period include the CMOS integrated circuit, present in most electronic devices today, the liquid crystal display (LCD), the computer mouse and interactive computing as well as the precursor to the internet (ARPANET) and the world's first blue light-emitting diode (LED).

1980s – 2000s SRI International continues a legacy of innovation spanning health, computing and digital, education, safety, business and Artificial Intelligence

Some of the many SRI International innovations that continue to impact the world today include Natural Language Speech Recognition and Telerobotic Surgery. SRI was also the first organization to assign top-level domain names to websites and developed the first virtual personal assistant (Siri).

2010 – 2015 The Sentinel platform is developed at SRI

The US Government contracted SRI International to develop a portable highly multiplexed biological analysis system that could identify pathogens and conduct routine monitoring in minutes to enable rapid intervention at the point of care.

The SRI team develops the Sentinel Nucleic Acid Analysis System: a portable, integrated, rapidly reconfigurable, automated biodetection hardware system that performs “sample-in to answer-out” field analyses for DNA and RNA.

2017 BioCeryx spins out to Liberate Precision Medicine

Veterans from SRI and the molecular diagnostic industry spin off BioCeryx to develop commercial uses for Sentinel beyond the current capabilities: flu, dengue fever, HIV, and more.

Sentinel’s consumable microfluidic cartridge has been transitioned to a contract manufacturer for limited-rate initial production in an ISO 13485-compliant quality management system.

BioCeryx’s first commercial assay is developed and work starts to port the assay to the Sentinel platform.

2018 BioCeryx raises its Series A

This financing is a great validation of the team and the products we are building and enables us to accelerate the development of our first commercial assay on the Sentinel platform. We are excited to partner with Gravity Ranch early in our path to liberate precision medicine.