BioCeryx’s platform will democratize precision medicine by enabling labs to offer high complexity tests with unparalleled ease of use and reliability.

“I think the biggest innovations of the 21st century will be at the intersection of biology and technology. A new era is beginning.”

- Steve Jobs

Our technology transforms the latest innovations in computer science, genomics, microfluidics and advanced engineering into an intuitive and powerful platform.

Advanced engineering

Versatile system empowers the user by making complexity invisible.
  • Integrated mechatronics Integrated mechatronics provides all interfaces to perform DNA and RNA analysis.
  • Complete automation Complete automation drives the performance of the test from sample to answer.
  • Programmable technology Programmable technology delivers high versatility.


All steps of a lab workflow that fits in the palm of your hand.
Microfluidic engineering

Precise microfluidic engineering drives all biological reactions for a sample in a single consumable.

Custom Reagents

Custom reagents are lyophilized to enhance performance across applications and test locations.

Programmable technology

Modular design enables application-specific modules to be assembled onto a general microfluidic motherboard.


Powerful analytics enable true sample-to-answer workflows that deliver clear, timely and actionable information.
  • Integrated data capture Quantitation data from thousands of biological analytes captured simultaneously on instrument allowing streamlined, integrated analysis.
  • Machine Learning Machine Learning algorithms are used to build accurate, robust predictors of underlying biological states from high-dimensional primary data.
  • Real-time Data Analysis Data analysis is performed on instrument immediately following data collection to provide clinical answers in minutes.
Advanced Engineering

Advances over the last 20 years in engineering and biotechnology hold great potential to unlock the genetic causes of clinical conditions and to transform patient care. However, advanced DNA and RNA tests are typically run in centralized labs with expensive workflows and results are provided in days or weeks.

BioCeryx’s platform will democratize precision medicine by enabling labs to offer high complexity tests with unparalleled ease of use and reliability.

Using the latest technology, BioCeryx’s platform delivers all necessary forces including thermal, mechanical and magnetic actuation to perform virtually any molecular diagnostic lab processes, requiring the user only to load and unload the sample.

Integrated Microfluidic Card

BioCeryx engineers have developed an integrated microfluidic card that incorporates all steps of a complex lab workflow in a compact consumable. High precision manufacturing processes enable the creation of highly accurate volumes and channels to control fluids and drive biological reactions.

Complex processes that could only be automated with costly equipment now can be incapsulated in a highly precise microfluidic card.

Specific adaptations to reagents and formulations enable different applications in the most austere environments, for maximum reliability and flexibility.

BioCeryx's bioinformatics capabilities integrate well-established methods in machine learning and applied statistics with expertise in molecular biology and genetics.
Our software pipeline enables the quantitation of biochemical reactions driven in the integrated microfluidic card. On-instrument software is used to integrate primary quantitation data from thousands of analytes, and machine learning methods are used to reveal underlying clinical states with high sensitivity and specificity. Finally, the biological data are interpreted to provide the user with actionable information - all in a matter of minutes.